Second post of the Colombia Graphic Campaign, What are the silences of democracy? SOS Cauca

As part of the graphic campaign for Colombia, we are posting a special report on the situation of human rights violations in the municipality of Buenos Aires, North of Cauca, Colombia

The graphic campaign for Colombia is permanently open, until we find Justice, Truth, Reparation and Non-Repetition.

See the call for applications at the following link:

These images are for circulation, diffusion, agitation and use in all territories!

Almost every night we go to bed with the terrible news of a new murder of a social leader in the municipality of Buenos Aires, North of Cauca.

The failure of Duque’s government to implement the Peace Agreement makes from the country a river of blood.

What are we doing as a civil society to stop this?

This page compiles an effort to express our solidarity to make the Municipality of Buenos Aires’ situation visible.

We are a group of indignant citizens over this situation, who are generating images, memes and videos so that they can rotate through the network and social media and counteract the invisibility to which the communities of Cauca are subjected due to the COVID-19 health crisis. As so we can express our solidarity with the adverse circumstance to which they are subjected.

If you wish to join the initiative, you can contact us at:

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