Archivos del Común II: El Archivo Anómico

We share and celebrate a double launch: the birth of the Pasafronteras publisher of RedCSur and its first book project, Archives of the Commons II: The Anomic Archive, designed by Lucía Bianchi and Ramiro Álvarez.

In the past few years, we have seen emerging alternative and autonomous experiences of archive management and production that move away from the legitimized principles and regulations to explore the possibilities of the common. If what is common implies to leave the logic of property, if it implies to work against the privatization of knowledge and to abandon the consideration of what is public as exclusive patrimony of the State, the challenge is to find collaborative ways of production, distribution and circulation of knowledge. The experiences tackled in this book multiply the ways of conceiving and facilitating access to different types of documentary collections, so as to favor the plural becoming of history and its different writing and re-writing, elaborating and re-elaborating, in a continuous movement, that what we can call common.

With texts from de Nancy Dantas-Center for Curating the Archive, Graciela Carnevale- Archivo Graciela Carnevale, Lani Hanna-Interference Archive, May Puchet-RedCSur, Philippe Artières, Daniel G. Andújar, Alessandro Ludovico, Red Conceptualismos del Sur, Paulina Bravo-Archiveras sin fronteras, Kristóf Nagy-Artpool Research Center, Eva Weinmar-Piracy Proyect, Maite Muñoz Iglesias,LACA YAXS, Ernesto Oroza-Desobediencia tecnológica, Gareth Bell-Jones- The Flat Time House, Francisco Brives, Néstor Prieto, María Gil,  Patricia Rodriguez, Elsa Velasco-Museo La Neomudéjar.

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For a time abundant in conspiracies and alliances to resist the present…