RedCSur action at the Walden Gallery stand within ARCO (Madrid) condemning the abroad sale of Romero’s Archive, February 27th, 2019.

We denounce that the Juan Carlos Romero Artists Archive, collected throughout his life by the Argentine artist Juan Carlos Romero (1931-2017), was sold to a private collector in the United States through the gallerist Ricardo Ocampo managment (Walden Gallery).
The archive brings together an immense and significant heritage not only relevant to Argentine and Latin American art history, but also for the country’s political, labor union and cultural history. Since 2011 we worked together with Romero in the institutionalization of his archive, with the commitment that it would not be disintegrated and that it would be accessible in Argentina, as he always defended.
In 2014, the Juan Carlos Romero Artists Archive nonprofit organization was created to protect, preserve and activate this common heritage.
The abroad sale of the archive privatizes and subtracts it from public access, relocating it and with the concrete risk of its dispersion.
The RedCSur calls on the international artistic community to prevent the privatization of the Juan Carlos Romero Artists Archive and to claim its constitution as a public archive in Argentina.

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