#8A Fight for the right to abortion in Argentina

On March 6, 2018, in Argentina, the bill for the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy proposed by the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion took concrete shape for the first time, promulgated for 13 years in the framework of a struggle that has lasted more than three decades. A historical, heterogeneous and vigorous movement of women, lesbians, trans-people and anti-patriarchal men, has taken the streets in an immense green wave to make their claim visible, achieving today an unprecedented political transversality, bottom-up, with great protagonism of the younger generations. This movement is strengthened in an Argentina that is today under a government of the right wing that applies neoliberal policies precarizing the lives of the most vulnerable sectors of the population, especially those of women. After months of discussion (15 days, 724 expositions during deputies commissions) the project presented – which decriminalizes abortion in the 14th week, opposes the objection of conscience of health institutions and promotes the public production of misoprostol – had a half sanction in the Chamber of Deputies. For it to become law, the half-sanction of the Upper Chamber is still lacking, where the parliamentary debate reached high levels of controversy between those who support the law and the conservative positions, opposed to all scientific evidence and to the paradigm of rights enshrined by the international organizations of some of the exposed arguments.


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