RedCSur: recent interviews and articles

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RedCSur has taken part on a series of interviews and articles in different virtual platforms and printed publications, invitations that have served to shape areas of our practice and reflection of recent years. Eszter Szakacs, a member of the tranzit-Hungary platform, proposed a stimulating dialogue in the interview «Political Exercise and Political Action through the Network. Interview with Fernanda Carvajal and Mabel Tapia from Red Conceptualismos del Sur », published in the issue Propositions for a Pan-Peripheral Network of the magazine : -network /

In different ways we started to create links with networks and projects in Eastern Europe, something that RedCSur has been developing for some time. Along with these collaborations, the Polish magazine Obieg dedicated its last issue to experiences in Latin America under the title «Biocentrism versus Geophagy». This issue takes the relationship with nature, strained between development models based on extractivism and the production of common and good living, to initiate a reflection between the countries of East and Latin America. The Network is present with the text «Grasping the Inappropriable. Disputes Over Use Value of Archives» (« To touch the inappropriable, Disputes over the use value of the archives » presented initially in the meeting Archives of the common II) and the text of Paulina Varas,« A social and aesthetic micro-practice from Valparaíso », Available at:

An interview will soon be published in the paper edition of the Neural magazine (, directed by Allessandro Ludovico.

The collective text «Archives in use. A Laboratory of Political Imagination for the Present » in the book The Constituent Museum. Publication of L’Internationale and Valiz, edited by John Byrne, Elinor Morgan, November Paynter, Aida Sanchez de Serdio and Adela Zeleznik, as a result of the seminar held in Middlesbrough in September 2016.

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